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Thor Kitchen 2-Piece Kitchen Package

HRG3618U 36" Pro Style 6 Burner Stainless Steel Gas Range

HRH3606U 36" Under Cabinet Range Hood Stainless Steel

Thor Kitchen 36" Gas Range 2-Piece Package

  • 1.Dual 15,000 BTU Burners

    All ranges come standard with powerful 15,000 BTU dual burners which are not only capable of boiling water quickly, but when turned to the lowest setting of 650 BTUs, are also capable of simmering delicate sauces and chocolate.


    2.Heavy-Duty Grates

    Heavy-duty cast iron cooking grates compliment sealed gas burners. 


    3.Infinitely Adjustable Knobs

    Heavy Duty, infinitely adjustable commercial temperature knobs let you set the perfect temperature.


    4. Porcelain Coating

    The oven coats with blue porcelain to aid in the ease of cleaning.


    5.Sliding Baking Racks

    The oven is equipped with two sliding, stainless steel baking racks. 


    6.Infrared Broiler

    Enjoy the most tantalizing and succulent steaks, fish, pork and poultry that have been seared and cooked to perfection by THOR KITCHEN's PROFESSIONAL QUALITY INFRARED BROILER feature.


    7.Convection Cooking

    The CONVECTION OVEN produces heavenly breads, pastries and roasts.


    8.Halogen Light

    Halogen light allows for better oven visibility.

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